Construction Services Bundle Package?

Here at the Van Dewark camp we’re so excited about all the changes that have taken place in the last six months. One of the most recognizable changes you may have noticed is our updated website. We loved our old setup, but as is the nature of our business – it was time for a remodel! The new website is more streamlined, making it easier to get in contact with us and view our work. There are still a few kinks to work out- mainly concerning our portfolio page, so bare with us in the following days, but we know it’s going to be fantastic in the end.

Our website isn’t the only part of us getting a remodel. No longer operating as simply Van Dewark Construction, we’re pleased to formally announce we are now operating under the umbrella of Van Dewark Incorporated. Van Dewark Construction, headed by Steve Van Dewark for over thirty years, remains our steadfast flagship, and after years of providing quality work to our clients we’ve expanded to include services specific to your needs.

We officially joined forces with our sister company Van Dewark Fine Art Carvings and opened the Van Dewark Showroom, located in Downtown Vacaville, in December of 2013. Headed by Van Dewark Construction‘s Senior Designer and Architectural Elements Director, Erika Van Dewark, the showroom houses her independent glass art as well as our architectural glass, stone, wood and metal elements.

(Eric Richardson, Project Manager of Van Dewark, Inc. Stone & Tile Division)

In addition to Construction and Fine Art Carvings, Van Dewark Inc. continues to expand with the introduction of The Van Dewark Inc. Stone and Tile Division. Our new division is run by highly renowned industry leader, Eric Richardson. Eric has served as a Northern California Advisor to the Ceramic Tile and Stone Institute for the past 20 years. He has over 35 years of Natural Stone slab experience including concept and design, fabrication, and the installation and completion of stone elements.

We are so proud to welcome Eric to the Van Dewark Inc. family and we love that we are able to offer so many premium construction services to our clients.  We’ve long sought to be a “bundle package” or all inclusive company, making sure that the quality of work is perfect from conception to completion. We look forward to bringing you more updates on our newest branch, current projects, and the unveiling of our new web portfolio in the near future.