Stone & Wood in the Home

Today we’re taking a look at some of the architectural elements we work with and how they can completely change the dynamics of a project’s aesthetic appeal.

If a room is just walls, a ceiling, and a floor, then what makes one room better than another? The answer lies in the details. One of our favorite parts of any project is the detail work. There are so many fun an different ways to elevate the quality of a space and usually it can be achieved by paying attention to the simplest details. Whether it’s paying special attention to the finish of the paint, caulking cleanly around new fixtures, installing matching hardware, or something more complex like adding a custom made stone, wood,  glass or metal architectural elements, it all adds up in the end. Here’s a look at some architectural elements we’ve designed, created and used over the years in stone and wood.


ArchElm.05 ArchElm.06 ArchElm.07

We’ve long worked with stone carvers that are experts of their field. Above are just a few examples of the mantle, sconce, and banister pieces we’ve had created. These pieces can be as simple or intricate in design as you like them to be and either way they add an heir of sophistication to the space. Of course if you’re looking for something that makes a bolder statement, there’s always something like these hand carved, solid marble, family crest fireplace and mantle pieces we had created for a custom home. Of course each project comes down to representing the client it’s for. We’ve used stone to create pillars and columns as well as used elaborately carved marble pieces as sinks and vanities. It also makes up a huge chunk of the floors and counter tops we install. Stone adds a classic finished element of style wherever it’s applied and we’re amazed at all the new ways we’ve been able to incorporate it.

ArchElm.10ArchElm.11 ArchElm.12



ArchElm.32 ArchElm.31 Res.Custom.07

No material is more prominent in building than wood. With so many variations and applications the possibilities for wood detail are endless. Exposed beams instantly add some drama to high ceiling rooms and can be natural, distressed, or anything else the design calls for. Another big wood feature is cabinetry. Easily the most functional of wood elements, picking the right cabinets, with details you like, and having them installed correctly can save you headaches later as well as really bring a room to life. And woods just as good inside as it is out. Adding an arbor can completely transform a simple backyard or garden area. They help designate spacial use while also providing beautiful frame work for the plants around them. The center photo below shows how varying the color of the wood can add dimension, depth and class (the custom sauna lounge seat isn’t a bad use of wood either). Wood is probably the most easily customized element to work with. It can be shaped, stained, functional, decorative, prominent or understated, but no matter how you use it, it always makes a statement.

Res.BackPatio.03 Res.Sauna.05Res.VacavilleTrellis.04

If you have any questions about our stone and wood architectural elements, please contact us. On our next blog well take a look at some of our glass and metal architectural elements. Let us know if there’s any examples of these you’d like to know more about.