Build Your Dream Home and Save Money


Everyone is looking for a place to call home, but finding the right home isn’t always so easy. Weather conditions, space, schools, views, accessibility and affordability are just a few of the many factors that can influence a homebuyer. Combined with a temperamental housing market and individual aesthetic preferences- it can seem down right impossible to find your “dream home” these days.

While existing homes can come with a lot of character and potential, making an existing home really feel like your own and bringing it up to date can be expensive and time consuming. For fans of remodeling and those in love with the challenge of reinventing a space, an existing home can be an alluring adventure. However, for people ready to lay down roots and step into their new life all at once, the renovation route can be overwhelming and riddled with unforeseeable obstacles along the way.

“Bidding war situations like these drive up the overall cost and can leave little cash left over for renovations and upgrades”

Renovation dreams aside, first you’ll have to cross your fingers and hope you can find a home you like enough to put more work into in the first place. With the pickings becoming increasingly slim in popular areas it’s not uncommon for buyers to find a home that suits them, along with several other buyers that feel the exact same way. These situations leave a buyer hoping no one wants that home more than they do and more importantly that no one can afford it more than they can. Bidding war situations like these drive up the overall cost and can leave little cash left over for renovations and upgrades, at least starting out.

Alternatively, production homes are becoming increasingly popular as developers scramble to meet the demand for housing while also maximizing profits. Working with a production home builder can be great for people looking to have a brand new home that’s efficient and up to date. The price is right and the turn around time is quick, but it’s important to remember that these houses are often built in large groups to cut down on production costs and maximize the usage of the developer’s property.

While design choices are usually on point with current trends, they’re also designed to generally appeal to anyone and everyone. Often times, buyers that get in at the start of a production housing development are offered a few customizable options for their particular home. This can offset the cookie cutter feeling, but doesn’t always make up for small lot sizes and a general lack of independent personality. As efficient and attractive as production homes are, ultimately they’re tailored to fit the developer’s needs and not necessarily yours.

So with quality older homes packing in the charm and character, but none of the amenities, and new production homes providing efficiency and style but without the heart and soul (and space), a third option is becoming increasingly popular. Where once custom building was thought to be reserved for the most lavish of projects, it’s becoming a more and more viable option. Custom homes are exactly that- custom, tailored to your individual needs and unique desires. Working with an experienced contractor like Van Dewark Construction inc. and an architect you can build your dream home, put it exactly where you want it, and rest assured it’s built to last with the most efficient and cost effective features available.

“Building your dream home isn’t about building something bigger, it’s about building something that works better -for you.”

When you decide to build custom, the first step is knowing what you want, what you need, and what you’d like for the future. Armed with that information you and your experienced custom build team can work together to create a budget everyone can stick to and a plan to run with. Building your dream home isn’t about building something bigger, it’s about building something that works better -for you. Take for example one of our latest completed custom homes. The homeowners wanted to downsize square footage but increase the functionality of both their living space and land. Ready to be away from the bustle of town and noisy neighbors, they chose a spacious but not ostentatious lot in the country. Once the lot was acquired Van Dewark Construction and an architect were brought in.

Our clients worked with the architect to design a home they would love from the ground up, a home that would grow with them and meet their needs. The lot was divided to accommodate a smaller home than they’d previously lived in, but allowed them to add storage and work space to the property, which addressed one of their biggest needs right off the bat. Once the plans were drawn we went to work, continuing to problem solve and constantly look for better productivity and longevity solutions along the way.

After months of hard work, collaboration, and keeping the client’s goals foremost in our mind, we proudly handed over the keys and watched them step into the home they’d been dreaming of for so long. The home was designed to be reasonably managed by two people, but is also large enough for entertaining and over night guests. Spare bedrooms were allocated according to functionality, but also created with the expansion of family in mind. Windows and patios were placed according to the surrounding vistas and sun light, while also maintaining privacy.

Every inch of the main house was designed and crafted to not only suit the client, but also save them money in the long run by maximizing functionality and efficiency. By working with an experienced architect and Van Dewark Construction our clients were able to build the custom home they always wanted, right here in Vacaville. And better yet- they could afford to build it and will save money maintaining it for years to come. This project was such a great success because all three parties worked together to prioritize the clients’ needs, design a beautiful as well as functional home, trim the fat, and make more sustainable and efficient choices that allowed them to get exactly what they wanted.

“With proper planning, prioritizing and research, you can have everything you want”

Though the process takes a bit more time, and the upfront cost can be more than that of a pre-existing or production built home, a custom home can save you a substantial amount of time and money in the long run. With proper planning, prioritizing and research, you can have everything you want, cut the expense of things you don’t need, and afford to live exactly where you want to for years to come. Every homeowner has different ideals and necessities when it comes to finding a place to live, so it’s important to know that now more than ever custom building may be a viable option for you. Especially if you chose to work with the right team.